Fortress Maximus

Fortress Maximus is the name of several fictional characters from several of the various Transformers universes. Fortress Maximus appeared in the season 4 finale of the US Transformers animated series voiced by Stephen Keener. He was one of the stars of the Japanese Transformers: Headmasters animated series, voiced by Ikuya Sawaki. The Japanese anime series Transformers: Masterforce introduced his brother Grand Maximus as a regular character late in the series, who was also voiced by Ikuya Sawaki.

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Countdown (Transformers) - Transformers: Generation 1 - Dreamwave Productions
... Countdown confronts Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus and informs them that Operation Containment, an attempt to prevent the Decepticon threat from spreading beyond Cybertron, has failed ... Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus disagree, stating that Autobot forces are already underpowered and spread thin as it is ... Big Daddy and company then confront Magnus and Maximus, upset that Crunch lost his life defending Roadbuster ...
Other Uses of Fortress Maximus
... The name Fortress Maximus had been previously considered by Hasbro for the character who eventually became Omega Supreme, and again for Metroplex ... and the Marvel Comics adaptation of the film itself refer to the city's transformed state as "Fortress Maximus." Also, the 2000 Robots In Disguise toy Bruticus was renamed from its original ... size to function as a head unit for the Fortress Maximus toy ...
Crystal Widow - Autobots - Headmasters
... Cerebros Miniature Battle Station/Fortress Maximus's head The Rebirth (Part 1) The Rebirth (Part 3) Johnny Haymer War-weary Autobot who must be repeatedly persuaded to join the others ... Fortress Maximus City/Battle Station Created by Spike Witwicky in The Rebirth (Part 3) The Rebirth (Part 3), only appearance Stephen Keener Constructed by Spike ... It is unclear from the cartoon whether Fortress Maximus has a personality of his own ...
Transformers (comics) - Marvel Comics - The Transformers: Headmasters, Marvel, U.S., 1987–1988
... The plot of this series focuses on Cybertronian Autobot Fortress Maximus, who despite his success as a military commander, longs to find peace by leaving Cybertron's civil war altogether ... To end hostilities and show his willingness to protect the planet's fragile peace, Fortress Maximus and a few of his followers discard their weapons in front of the Nebulan capital ... Zarak's message was received by Fortress Maximus's Decepticon equal, Scorponok ...

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