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Battle Of The Grebbeberg - Background
... was to fall back on the Water Line, which formed part of Fortress Holland, the Dutch national redoubt and to await Allied assistance from France and the United Kingdom ... down in order to give as many Dutch forces as possible the chance of assembling in Fortress Holland ... The fortress at Kornwerderzand on the narrow Afsluitdijk guarded the northern approach to Fortress Holland while the Peel-Raam Line in North Brabant guarded the southern approach ...
Battle Of The Netherlands - The Battle - 13 May
... were to be expected to reinforce the Fortress Holland by sea without such support there was no prospect of a prolonged successful resistance ... Wilhelmina was to be brought to safety she departed around noon from Hoek van Holland, where a British Irish Guards battalion was present, on HMS Hereward, a British destroyer, and when sea mines made it too ... ministers sailed at 1920 from Hoek van Holland on HMS Windsor to form a government in exile in London, having conferred all governmental authority over the homeland to Winkelman ...
Battle Of The Netherlands - Background - German Strategy and Forces
... plans for Fall Gelb the idea of leaving the Fortress Holland alone, just as the Dutch hoped for, was at times considered ... In the Holland-Weisung (Holland Directive) of 15 November it was decided to conquer the entire south, but in the north to advance no further than the Grebbe Line, and to occupy ... as he needed the Dutch airfields against Britain also he was afraid the Entente might reinforce Fortress Holland after a partial defeat and use the airfields to bomb German cities and troops ...
M39 Pantserwagen - Operational History - Dutch Service - Battle of The Netherlands
... had been seen as a safe rear-area location at the very heart of the Dutch National Redoubt, the Fortress Holland ... vehicles had been readied and then moved to the headquarters of the Commander Fortress Holland ... As a result the vehicles were not evacuated to the Fortress Holland ...
Battle Of The Netherlands - The Battle - 11 May
... the Moerdijk bridges as a serious impediment to the movement of allied reinforcements to the Fortress Holland ... line in North Brabant, to connect the Fortress Holland with the Allied main force in Belgium ... and tried to storm the bridge at Barendrecht into IJsselmonde the second battalion, taken from the Fortress Holland forces positioned at the Hoekse Waard, had already crossed the Dordtse ...

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