Fortifications of Metz - The "seven Dwarves"

The "seven Dwarves"

These are a series of small defensive emplacements built between 1912 and 1916 in a line between Driant and Jeanne d'Arc. The name for them was created by the Americans of the U.S. Third Army during the Battle of Metz in the Second World War. They are sometimes (mistakenly) referred to as forts, and their name alludes to their weak defensive strength. From south to north they are:

  • Marival bunker
  • Vaux Southern point of support
  • Vaux Northern point of support
  • Bois-la-Dame† bunker
  • Jussy Southern point of support
  • Jussy Northern point of support
  • Saint Hubert point of support

† - Lady's Wood

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