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Kulim - Parks, Gardens and Natural Environment
... and ecosystem surroundings of the forest, rubber plantation as well as fruit orchards ... Mount Bungsu This is found in the Mount Bungsu Forest Reserves ... Pahau Located in the forest reserves of Mount Bungsu, this is an educational forest that boasts of a myriad of replanted forest plant species and forest ecosystem ...
Charles Curtis (botanist) - Penang Botanic Gardens
... Curtis was appointed to the position as Assistant Superintendent of Forests and Gardens under the Straits Settlements administration ... Curtis was placed in charge of the Penang region of the Forest and Gardens Department, which included the "Waterfall Gardens", together with some 3,575 ha of forest reserves ... The forest reserves included areas reserved for recreational, fuel, forestry harvesting and protection purposes, mostly on Penang Island ...
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - History
... In 1932, two blocks of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest were designated as Crown Forest Reserves ... The Northern block was designated as the "Kayonza Crown Forest Reserve," and the Southern block designated as the "Kasatora Crown Forest Reserve." These reserves had a combined area of 207 square kilometres ... In 1942, the two Crown Forest Reserves were combined and enlarged, and renamed the Impenetrable Central Crown Forest ...

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