• (verb): Try to stir up public opinion.
    Synonyms: agitate, stir up
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Some articles on foment:

Steven Best - Activism - UK Ban
... on new Home Office rules preventing people from enter the UK if they "foment, justify or glorify terrorist violence in further of particular beliefs seek to provoke ... speak, run a website, or use their positions as teachers to express views that "foment, justify, or glorify violence in furtherance of particular beliefs" will be banned or deported ...
Vladimir Lenin - Forming A Government - Lenin On Antisemitism
... The capitalists strive to sow and foment hatred between workers of different faiths, different nations and different races ... Shame on those who foment hatred towards the Jews, who foment hatred towards other nations ...

More definitions of "foment":

  • (verb): Bathe with warm water or medicated lotions.
    Example: "His legs should be fomented"