Folin may refer to :

  • Otto Folin (1867–1934), a Swedish-born American chemist
  • Folin's reagent, a reagent to detect level of amines in amino acids
  • Haut-Folin, the highest point in the region of Burgundy on France
  • Léopold de Folin (1817-1896), a French oceanographer
  • a suffix found in natural phenol names (as in punicafolin or taxifolin) to specify the leaf origin of the substance

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Léopold De Folin
... Léopold de Folin (Alexandre Guillaume Léopold de, Marquis de Folin, 1817–1896) was an author, oceanographer, malacologist and early founder (1871) of the ... With Henri Milne-Edwards's son Alphonse, de Folin carried out a survey of the Gulf of Gascony ... De Folin also described the genus Oceanida of sea snails in the family Eulimidae ...
Caecidae - Genera
... accessed 18 October 2010 Meioceras Carpenter, 1859 Micranellum Bartsch 1900 Parastrophia de Folin, 1870 Ponderoceras Bandel, 1996 Pseudoparastrophia Strebloceras Carpenter 1859 ... Brown, 1827 synonym of Caecum Fleming, 1813 Moreletia de Folin, 1869 synonym of Parastrophia de Folin, 1869 Odontidium Philippi, 1836 synonym of Caecum Fleming, 1813 ...
Folin's Reagent
... Folin's reagent or sodium 1,2-naphthoquinone-4-sulfonate is a chemical reagent used to measure levels of amines and amino acids ... This should not be confused with Folin-Ciocalteu reagent, which is a mixture of sodium tungstate and sodium molybdate that is used to detect phenolic compounds ...
Lowry Protein Assay - Mechanism
... by the oxidation of peptide bonds, with Folin–Ciocalteu reagent (a mixture of phosphotungstic acid and phosphomolybdic acid in the Folin–Ciocalteu reaction) ... The reaction mechanism is not well understood, but involves reduction of the Folin reagent and oxidation of aromatic residues (mainly tryptophan, also tyrosine) ... The concentration of the reduced Folin reagent is measured by absorbance at 750 nm ...