Fold Rotocenters

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Square Lattice - Symmetry
... A pattern with 4-fold rotational symmetry has a square lattice of 4-fold rotocenters that is a factor √2 finer and diagonally oriented relative to the lattice of translational symmetry ... oriented the same as, the square lattice of 4-fold rotocenters, with these rotocenters at the centers of the squares formed by the reflection axes ... group p4, with the arrangement within a primitive cell of the 2- and 4-fold rotocenters (also applicable for p4g and p4m) ...
Formal Treatment - Rotational Symmetry With Translational Symmetry
2-fold rotational symmetry together with single translational symmetry is one of the Frieze groups ... There are two rotocenters per primitive cell ... groups, with axes per primitive cell p2 (2222) 4×2-fold rotation group of a parallelogrammic, rectangular, and rhombic lattice ...

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