The FN MAG is a Belgian 7.62 mm general-purpose machine gun, designed in the early 1950s at Fabrique Nationale (FN) by Ernest Vervier. It has been used by more than 80 countries, and it has been made under licence in countries such as Argentina, Egypt, India, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The weapon's name is an abbreviation for Mitrailleuse d'Appui Général, meaning general-purpose machine gun (GPMG). The MAG is available in three primary versions: the standard, infantry Model 60-20 machine gun, the Model 60-40 coaxial machine gun for armoured fighting vehicles and the Model 60-30 aircraft variant.

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FN MAG - Users
... Argentina The MAG is in use in the Argentine Army as the 7,62 Ametralladora Tipo 60-20 MAG after being purchased more than two decades ago ... The MAG saw action during the Falklands War ... Argentinian MAGs were license-manufactured by the state-owned Dirección General de Fabricaciones Militares (DGFM) arsenal ...
M240 Machine Gun - Development - Early History: Testing and Adoption
... The US adoption of the MAG has its origins in the late 1960s/early 1970s as a project to procure a new coaxially mounted 7.62 mm machine gun for tanks to replace the M73 and M219 machine guns then being ... the period from various countries were considered the final two candidates were the M60E2 and the FN MAG ... for the evaluated machine guns were the following Type Rounds fired MRBS MRBF FN MAG 58 50,000 2,962 6,442 M60E2 50,000 846 1,669 M219 19,000 215 1,090 ...