Flying Saucer Working Party

Flying Saucer Working Party (or FSWP) was the name of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) first "official study into UFOs", which has its roots in a study commissioned in 1950 by the MOD’s then Chief Scientific Adviser, the great radar scientist Sir Henry Tizard. As a result of his insistence that UFO sightings should not be dismissed without some form of proper scientific study, the Department set up what writer Nick Pope has described as "arguably the most marvellously-named committee in the history of the civil service"

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Flying Saucer Working Party - Conclusions
... The working party’s conclusions were set out in a document dated June 1951 and bearing the designation DSI/JTIC Report No ... It was entitled “Unidentified Flying Objects” and classified “Secret Discreet” ... A full discussion of the Working Party's findings and interviews with some of the key players, can be found in Chapter 5 of Clarke and Robert's book 'Out of the Shadows UFOs, the Establishment and the ...

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