Floyd Rose

The Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo, or simply Floyd Rose, is a type of locking vibrato arm for a guitar. Floyd D. Rose invented the locking vibrato in 1977, the first of its kind, and it is now manufactured by a company of the same name. The Floyd Rose gained popularity in the 1980s through guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Neal Schon, Brad Gillis, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, who used its ability to stay in tune even with extreme changes in pitch. Its tuning stability comes through the double-locking design that has been widely regarded as revolutionary; the design has been listed on Guitar World's "10 Most Earth Shaking Guitar Innovations" and Guitar Player's "101 Greatest Moments in Guitar History 1979–1983".

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Floyd Rose - Popular Use
... The Floyd Rose Tremolo rose to popularity in the early 1980s ... Most sources consider Eddie Van Halen to be a pioneer of Floyd Rose usage ... Other players frequently cited to be influential in the area of Floyd Rose usage are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett, Brad Gillis, Tom Morello, Allan Holdsworth, and Dimebag Darrell ...
Jackson Soloist - History - Early Years - Original Options
... the customer had the choice of 3 different bridges Floyd Rose tremolo Kahler cam tremolo String through the body (Rhoads style) Pickup options were vast. 1987 they began using a Floyd Rose-styled tremolo made in Asia with their name on the top plate ... It was still possible to purchase a Floyd Rose or Kahler tremolo bridge, but the JT-6 Jackson unit was the default ...
Kramer Focus
... There were three superstrat-styled models, all of which featured the popular Floyd Rose tremolo ... The other two guitars both sported two humbuckers and a Floyd Rose and were distinguished by body shape ... The Floyd Rose vibrato tailpiece on the guitars was later replaced with the Vintage tremolo seen more often on Fender Stratocasters in the early 90's after a lawsuit with ...
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... with a sticker next to the bridge) Silverburst with Floyd Rose bridge (used in the "Archetype" video) Silverburst with Floyd Rose bridge and blue led inlays (used in the "Gone Tomorrow" video) King V Black Black with ...
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... The Floyd Rose Classic Stratocasters (made from 1992 to 2003) featured an original Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge ...

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