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STS-26 - Mission Summary
... the need to replace fuses in the cooling systems of two crew members' flight suits ... The suits were repaired, and a waiver was issued for the wind conditions after officials determined there was a sufficient safety margin for wind loads on the orbiter's wing leading edges ... cabin pressure had been increased slightly by the activation of the oxygen systems in the crew's flight suits, and the launch was conducted without further delay ...
Flight Suit - Space Flight
... NASA astronauts have worn one-piece flight suits when in training or on flights in their NASA T-38s ... The current flight suit worn by astronauts is Royal blue, made of Nomex ... In the pre-Challenger era, shuttle crews wore light blue flight suits and an altitude helmet during launch/reentry ...
Uniforms Of The United States Air Force - Utility Uniform
... (BDU) in woodland camouflage, the Air Force also followed suit, retaining the USAF versions of the subdued cloth insignia of the previous utility uniform ... For work duty today, USAF ground personnel and flight personnel not engaged in flight operations wear the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) ... is also authorized as an optional item for flight crew and missile personnel when not directly engaged in flight crew or missile launch duties that would typically require a Nomex flight suit ...

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