Flexor Muscles

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Stocking Up - Limb Anatomy
... There are three main muscle groups of the forelimb ... The triceps muscle straightens the elbow and foreleg, running from the elbow to the bottom of the shoulder blade ... The muscles which extend the lower leg are called extensor muscles, while the flexion of the lower leg joints is achieved through movement of the flexor muscles ...
Elbow - Human Anatomy - Muscles - Flexion
... There are three main flexor muscles at the elbow Brachialis acts exclusively as an elbow flexor and is one of the few muscles in the human body with a single function ... Brachioradialis acts essentially as an elbow flexor but also supinates during extreme pronation and pronates during extreme supination ... Biceps brachii is the main elbow flexor but, as a biarticular muscle, also plays important secondary roles as a stabiliser at the shoulder and as a supinator ...

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