Flashbulb may refer to:

  • Flash photography
  • The Flashbulb, one of the pseudonyms of electronica musician Benn Jordan
  • "Flashbulb", a bonus track by Nirvana

Other articles related to "flashbulb, flashbulbs":

Drain Mode = ON
... EP releases in between albums from Benn Jordan as The Flashbulb ... Drain Mode = ON acts as a bridge between two very different albums by The Flashbulb, M³ and These Open Fields, employing a more evolved sound and technique, at least equipment-wise, if not conceptually ... out and getting more comfortable as The Flashbulb, and trying out absurd things like a joking Jazz scat singing style in Loose Jazz X, the loosely constructed ambience ...
Flashbulb Memory and The Reminiscence Bump
... Flashbulb memory occurs when a very vivid memory of a traumatic, emotional, or significant event is recalled ... Kennedy assassination and 9/11 as cues when studying flashbulb memories ... Denver, Lane and Cherry found that flashbulb memories that took place in the reminiscence bump were exceptionally vivid and easily accessible ...
Flashbulb Memory - Models - The Photographic Model
... Brown and Kulik proposed the term flashbulb memory, along with the first model of the process involved in developing what they called flashbulb accounts ... The photographic model proposes that in order for a flashbulb account to occur in the presence of a stimulus event, there must be, a high level of surprise, consequentiality, and emotional arousal ... The next step involved in registration of flashbulb accounts is the degree of consequentiality, which in turn, triggers a certain level of emotional arousal ...
Flashgun - Types of Flash - Flashbulbs
... An innovation was the coating of flashbulbs with a blue plastic to match the spectral quality to daylight-balanced colour film and to make it look more moderate, as well as providing ... Flashbulbs took longer to reach full brightness and burned for longer than electronic flashes ... Some shutters triggered the flashbulb a fraction of a second prior to opening, permitting use of faster shutter speeds ...