Flags of England

Flags Of England

This is a list of English flags, symbolic national and sub-national flags, standards and banners used exclusively in England.

The Flag Institute maintains a national registry of United Kingdom flags, the UK Flag Registry. Authority to grant heraldic bearings to individuals and corporations belongs to the sovereign as the fount of all honours, and in England, Northern Ireland and Wales this is delegated to the College of Arms. Local authority flags come within this category when based on the arms granted to that authority. Such a flag is the authority's personal property, representing that authority rather than its area.

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Flags Of England - Historical Flags - Regions
... Flag Date Use Description 1900s Flag of East Angliareg The arms ascribed to the Wuffingas dynasty of East Anglia, three crowns on a blue shield, superimposed on a St. 13th Century Flag of Mercia A gold saltire on a blue field (Cross of St Alban) the traditional flag of the Kingdom of Mercia, still flown on Tamworth Castle. 7th century Flag of Northumbriareg coa The oldest flag in England ...

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