Five-pointed Star - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Union Army, VII Corps, 3rd Division Badge

  • Union Army, XII Corps, 3rd Division Badge

  • Moscow Kremlin Star 1937

  • A typical presentation of the star and crescent

Five pointed stars are also used on various elevators to indicate the ground level or lobby of a building. Five pointed stars are also used on various police, fire, and paramedic badges. In sports especially in football association the star together with the badge in the uniforms represents the championships that the team wins for example the badges of the France, Spain, England national shirt badge appears one five pointed star represents one FIFA World Cup championship.

The five pointed star may also be used to symbolize the human body (feet, arms and head) as well as the five senses of human perception (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), and likewise the Shakespearian era five wits.

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