Fit-fit or fir-fir (Ge'ez: ፍርፍር firfir; ፍትፍት fitfit) is a Eritrean and Ethiopian food typically served for breakfast (though it can be served with other meals). It is generally made with spiced clarified butter (called niter kibbeh in Amharic or tesmi in Tigrinya) and berbere. In Ethiopia; fit-fit is made without berbere while fir-fir is made with berbere. In some cases various oils or butters are substituted for clarified butter; however, the difference in taste is notable. There are two major varieties of fit-fit: injera (or taita) and kitcha (kita in Amharic).

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Kitcha Fit-fit
... Kitcha fit-fit (variations in Ethiopia kita fir-fit, kita fir-fir also known as chechebsa) is a combination of shredded kitcha (Tigrinya) (or kita in Amharic), berbere ... Kitcha fit-fit is sometimes eaten with plain yogurt (urgo in Amharic and rug-o in Tigrinya) ... Unlike most Ethiopian foods, kitcha fit-fit is eaten with a utensil (usually a spoon) ...