Fistulinella - Species


Name Authority Year Distribution
F. alfaroae Singer & L.D.Gómez 1991 Costa Rica
F. campinaranae Singer 1978 Brazil
F. cinereoalba Fulgenzi & T.W.Henkel 2010 Guyana
F. conica (Ravenel) Pegler & T.W.K.Young 1981 USA, Mexico
F. gloeocarpa Pegler 1983 Martinique
F. guzmaniana Singer, J.García & L.D.Gómez 1991 Mexico
F. jamaicensis (Murrill) Singer 1983 Jamaica, Troy
F. lutea Redeuilh & Soop 2006 (2007) New Zealand
F. major (R.Heim ex E.Horak) Redeuilh & Soop 2007
F. mexicana Guzmán 1974 Mexico
F. minor Guzmán 1974 Mexico
F. mollis Watling 1989 Australia
F. nivea (G.Stev.) Singer 1983 New Zealand
F. nothofagi (McNabb) Singer 1983 New Zealand
F. prunicolor Watling 1989 Australia
F. rodwayi Watling 1989 Australia (Tasmania)
F. staudtii Henn. 1901 Cameroon
F. venezuelae (Singer & Digilio) Singer 1978 Venezuela
F. violaceipora (G.Stev.) Pegler & T.W.K.Young 1981 New Zealand
F. viscida (McNabb) Singer 1978 New Zealand
F. wolfeana Singer & J.García 1991 Mexico

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