Fishguard Harbour Railway Station - Services - From September 2003 To September 2011

From September 2003 To September 2011

  • A daytime train operated to and from Cardiff Central, arriving and leaving Fishguard Harbour between 1pm and 2pm, often starting from and/or terminating at stations beyond Cardiff, such as Birmingham New Street in 2003.
    • In 2010 and 2011 the service started from Cardiff and called only at Llanelli and Whitland on route to Fishguard Harbour, making it the only scheduled passenger service to use the Carmarthen avoider line. On the return, the train called at Carmarthen as well as Whitland and Llanelli before reaching Cardiff Central, the train then continued onwards to Cheltenham Spa.
    • These daytime services therefore avoided Swansea in both directions. This is normally achieved using the Swansea District Line, but occasionally the service was routed via the "Swansea Avoiding Line" around the back of Landore Train Maintenance Depot instead.
  • A daily train operated at night, arriving and leaving Fishguard Harbour between 1am and 2am.
    • The train operated to and from Swansea, but sometimes originated from stations beyond Swansea.
    • As maintenance of the railways is predominantly done at night, this train was frequently replaced by buses. This was normally known well in advance. When buses replace the trains, the bus usually arrived at Fishguard Harbour at around 02.05 and left after loading/unloading passengers, normally around 02.10.

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