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Frame Rate Differences - Reverse Telecine (a.k.a. Inverse Telecine (IVTC), Reverse Pulldown)
... thereby reconstructing the original 24 frame/s film frames ... Reverse telecine is crucial when acquiring film material into a digital non-linear editing system such as Lightworks, Sony Vegas Pro, Avid, or Final Cut Pro, since these machines ... of a text file, which gives the correspondence between the video material and film original ...
... The overlayer is called an epitaxial film or epitaxial layer ... For most technological applications, it is desired that the deposited material form a crystalline overlayer that has one well-defined orientation with respect to the substrate crystal structure (single ... Epitaxial films may be grown from gaseous or liquid precursors ...

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    What persuades men and women to mistake each other from time to time for gods or vermin is ideology. One can understand well enough how human beings may struggle and murder for good material reasons—reasons connected, for instance, with their physical survival. It is much harder to grasp how they may come to do so in the name of something as apparently abstract as ideas. Yet ideas are what men and women live by, and will occasionally die for.
    Terry Eagleton (b. 1943)

    All film directors, whether famous or obscure, regard themselves as misunderstood or underrated. Because of that, they all lie. They’re obliged to overstate their own importance.
    François Truffaut (1932–1984)