File Synchronization - Common Features

Common Features

  • Encryption for security, especially when synchronizing across the Internet.
  • Compressing any data sent across a network.
  • Conflict detection where a file has been modified on both sources, as opposed to where it has only been modified on one. Undetected conflicts can lead to overwriting copies of the file with the most recent version, causing data loss. For conflict detection, the synchronization software needs to keep a database of the synchronized files. Distributed conflict detection can be achieved by version vectors.
  • Open Files Support ensures data integrity when copying data or application files that are in-use or database files that are exclusively locked.
  • Specific support for using an intermediate storage device, such as a removable flash disc, to synchronize two machines. Most synchronizing programs can be used in this way, but providing specific support for this can reduce the amount of data stored on a device.
  • The ability to preview any changes before they are made.
  • The ability to view differences in individual files.

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