Figueroa - Persons


  • José Luis Figueroa (contemporary), Mexican filmaker and artist
  • Archbishop Francisco Ramón Herboso y Figueroa (1720–1782), Peruvian archbishop
  • Don Figueroa (contemporary), American comic book artist
  • Ed Figueroa (1948–), Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Elías Figueroa (1946–), Chilean football player
  • Emiliano Figueroa (1866–1931), President of Chile 1925–1927
  • Enrique “Quique” Figueroa (1964–), Puerto Rican regatta sailor
  • Emilo C. Figueroa (1889–1950) Mayor of Lajas, Puerto Rico 1932–1936
  • Federico Brito Figueroa (1921–2000), Venezuelan historian and anthropologist
  • Fernando Figueroa (1849–1919), President of El Salvador 1907–1911
  • Francisco de Figueroa (1530–1588), Spanish poet
  • Francisco Acuña de Figueroa (1790–1862), Uruguayan poet
  • Francisco García de la Rosa Figueroa, Mexican monk
  • Frank Figueroa (contemporary), agent of the US Department of Homeland Security, pled guilty to exposing himself
  • Gabriel Figueroa (1907–1997), Mexican cinematographer
  • Germán Figueroa (1975–), Puerto Rican professional wrestler
  • Hernán Figueroa (1927–), Chilean decathlete
  • Jasmin Figueroa (1985–), Filipina Olympic archer
  • Jerónimo Figueroa Cabrera (a.k.a. “Momo”) (1982–), Spanish professional football player
  • John Figueroa (1920–1999), Jamaican poet and educator
  • Jonathan Figueroa (a.k.a. “Amazing Red”), (contemporary), American professional wrestler
  • José Figueroa Alcorta (1860–1931), President of Argentina 1906–1910
  • Juan Figueroa, president of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut
  • LaToyia Figueroa (1981–2005), American woman who disappeared and was found murdered in 2005
  • Liz Figueroa (contemporary), American politician, California state senator
  • Luciano Gabriel “Lucho” Figueroa (1981–), Argentine football player
  • Maria Ines Figueroa (1963-), Venezuelan road cyclist
  • Maynor Figueroa (1983-), Honduran footballer
  • Miguel Figueroa (1953–), head of the Communist Party of Canada
  • Narciso Figueroa (1906–2004), Puerto Rican danza musician and composer
  • Orlando Figueroa (a.k.a. NASA Mars Czar) (1955–), Puerto Rican engineer who became head of NASA Mars Exploration
  • Óscar Figueroa (weightlifter) (1983–), Colombian weightlifter and silver medalist
  • Pedro de Castro y Figueroa (1685–1741), Spanish viceroy of New Spain 1740–1741
  • Ramón Báez Figueroa (1956–), Dominican banker, accused of bank fraud in 2003
  • Sammy Figueroa, American percussionist
  • JeanPaul Figueroa, Peruvian songwriter

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