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Street Fighter Series - History - Video Games - Versus Series (1996)
... Capcom has also produced fighting games involving licensed characters from other companies and their own properties ... In 1994, Capcom released the Marvel-licensed fighting game X-Men Children of the Atom, which featured Akuma from Super Turbo as a hidden guest character ... Capcom would release a third Marvel-licensed game, X-Men vs ...
Mortal Kombat (video Game) - Gameplay
... Mortal Kombat is a fighting game in which players battle opponents in one-on-one matches ... Whereas other fighting games had characters with considerable differences in speed, height, attacks, strength, jumping heights and distances, the ... The game also distinguished itself from other fighting games of the time with its unique control scheme ...
Action Video Games - Subgenres
... Action games have several major subgenres ... However, there are many action games without any clear subgenre, such as Frogger, as well as other types of genres like Adventure or Strategy that have action elements ... Beat 'em ups are games that involve fighting through a side-scrolling stage of multiple adversaries, using martial arts or other close-range fighting techniques ...
Breakers (video Game) - Gameplay
... The controls of the game is similar to that of SNK's earlier installments in their Fatal Fury series (particularly Fatal Fury 2, Special and 3) ... The special actions are also similar to other fighting games from the same era, although the dashing and back-stepping techniques tend to differ between characters (some of them will roll on ... The game system emphasizes balance between characters by featuring an elaborate damage adjustment feature ...
Digimon Video Games - Fighting Games
2003 September 5, 2003 Release years by system 2001 – WonderSwan Color 2003 – Game Boy Advance Notes Developed by Dimps Plot holds that an "unknown Digimon" is born at the corner of the Digital World ... Digimon and Tamers from both worlds band together to fight it Release on the Game Boy Advance solidified the demise of Bandai's own WonderSwan Color. 27, 2004 Release years by system 2002 – WonderSwan Color 2003 – Game Boy Advance Notes Developed by Dimps Characters are drawn from the Digimon Frontier season of the ...

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    Intelligence and war are games, perhaps the only meaningful games left. If any player becomes too proficient, the game is threatened with termination.
    William Burroughs (b. 1914)

    The current flows fast and furious. It issues in a spate of words from the loudspeakers and the politicians. Every day they tell us that we are a free people fighting to defend freedom. That is the current that has whirled the young airman up into the sky and keeps him circulating there among the clouds. Down here, with a roof to cover us and a gasmask handy, it is our business to puncture gasbags and discover the seeds of truth.
    Virginia Woolf (1882–1941)