Field System

Field System

The study of field systems (collections of fields) in landscape history is concerned with the size, shape and orientation of a number of fields. These are often adjacent, but may be separated by a later feature.

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Robert Neighbors - Indian Agent and The Field System
... Apaches and Tonkawas, he invented the field system of Indian control instead of remaining at the agency headquarters and waiting for the Indians to pay him a visit, as was the common practice, Neighbors dealt ... Called the "field system" it was unique for its time ...
Ribble Link - History
... due to the structure of the land and flooded into the adjoining field systems, as a floodplain ... that there could have been an old mill at Lock 8 and evidence of a ridge and furrow field system and likely to be disturbed in part by the construction ... Once gain local people refer to this field as 'the Mill Field' ...
Well-field System
... The well-field system (Chinese 井田制度 pinyin jǐngtián zhìdù) was a Chinese land distribution method existing between the ninth century BCE (late Western Zhou Dynasty) to around the end of the ... While all fields were aristocrat-owned,, the private fields were managed exclusively by serfs and the produce was entirely the farmers' ... It was only produce from the communal fields, worked on by all eight families, that went to the aristocrats, and which, in turn, could go to the king as tribute ...
Drawing Conclusions From Analysis of Field Systems
... Fields were organised for the convenience of the farmer - both arable and pastoral ... Therefore the size of fields often gives an indication of the type of agriculture and agricultural implements in use when they were established ... The shape and orientation of collections of fields provides clues about the date they were established ...
Early Middle Ages - History - Resurgence of The Latin West - Feudalism
... Around 800, there was a return to systematic agriculture in the form of the open field, or strip, system ... A manor would have several fields, each subdivided into 1-acre (4,000 m2) strips of land ... In the idealized form of the system, each family got thirty such strips of land ...

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    Authority is the spiritual dimension of power because it depends upon faith in a system of meaning that decrees the necessity of the hierarchical order and so provides for the unity of imperative control.
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    When white men were willing to put their own offspring in the kitchen and corn field and allowed them to be sold into bondage as slaves and degraded them as another man’s slave, the retribution of wrath was hanging over this country and the South paid penance in four years of bloody war.
    Rebecca Latimer Felton (1835–1930)