Field Coil

A field coil is a component of an electro-magnetic machine, typically a rotating electrical machine such as a motor or generator. A current-carrying coil is used to generate a magnetic field.

Magnetic fields require a continuous circuit, thus more than one pole. Most arrangements use one field coil per pole. Some older or simpler arrangements use a single field coil with a pole at each end.

Although field coils are most commonly found in rotating machines, they are also used, although not always with the same terminology, in many other electromagnetic machines. These include simple electromagnets through to complex lab instruments such as mass spectrometers and NMR machines.

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Field Coil - Winding Materials
... Coils are typically wound with enamelled copper wire, sometimes termed magnet wire ... resistance, to reduce the power consumed by the field coil, but more importantly to reduce the waste heat produced by ohmic heating ... to build highly-efficient low-resistance field coils for their magnets ...

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