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Trans-Neptunian Planets

"Persephone (planet)" redirects here. For the asteroid, see 399 Persephone. This article is about fictional planets beyond Neptune created for various works of fiction. For discussion of the portrayal in fiction of real and fictional sub-planetary objects beyond Neptune, see Trans-Neptunian objects in fiction. This article is about fictional planets in our Solar System named "Planet X". For fictional extrasolar planets named "Planet X", see Planets in science fiction#P.

Fictional planets in our Solar System beyond the orbit of Neptune have been employed many times as settings or references in science fiction. Following the general reception of Pluto as the ninth planet of the Solar System in 1930, a hypothetical additional planet was sometimes called a "tenth planet". Since 1992, a very large number of objects have been found beyond Neptune; all of the objects in the following list, however, are purely fictional. Common names for trans-Neptunian planets in fiction include Planet X, after a planet once believed to lie beyond Neptune, and Persephone (or Proserpina), after the wife of Pluto.

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