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REB-36D Peacemaker II NAWCC

The REB-36D Peacemaker II NAWCC is a heavily modified and upgraded version of the Korean-War Era B-36 Peacemaker, and is a fictional aircraft that plays heavily in the storyline of Brian R. Kupfer's "Metamorphosis: Story of the 137SOW" novel, published in 2001. The NAWCC is an airborne communications and recon platform that acts as a flying headquarters for the 137th Wing Eagle Task Force. The initial concept for the aircraft was come up with by Matt "ElTito" Bendix, Aaron "Valder" Fieldman, and Wahren "Wolf" Morast, and later assembled in the bowels of the highly secret Gorilla Mountain Complex. With the help of the Raytheon group, the REB-36D was first flown days before Desert Storm and has been in action in the skies around the world ever since. The REB-36D is a one-off aircraft and is only ever used by the ETF, usually piloted by Suzanne "Daphne" Wagner and John "Wizard" Terrence with a five person crew of specialists aboard.

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