FIBA Africa Championship 2007 Squads - Liberia


  • John Bing - (LPRC Oilers)
  • Jethro Bing - (LPRC Oilers)
  • Varney Tulay - (Dream Team)
  • Marcus Wolo - (LPRC Oilers)
  • Fitgerald Cole - (NPA Pythons)
  • Alphonso Kuiah - (NPA Pythons)
  • Raphael Quaye - (NPA Pythons)
  • Alvin Tapeh - (NPA Pythons)
  • Mark Smith - (NPA Pythons)
  • Joseph Lackey - (Uhuru Kings)
  • Richelieu Allison - (Uhuru Kings)
  • Samuel Assembe - (Pretoria Heat)

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