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July 1 - Events
... Constitution of Canada, creating the Canadian Confederation and the federal dominion of Canada Sir John A. 1931 – United Airlines begins service (as Boeing Air Transport). 1942 – The Australian Federal Government becomes the sole collector of income tax in Australia as the State Income Tax is abolished ...
XM Satellite Radio - Company - Company Timeline
... Radio (later becoming Sirius Satellite Radio) successfully petitioned the Federal Communications Commission and Congress to look into creating Digital Audio ... digital audio radio service licenses offered by the Federal Communications Commission ... to be the official satellite radio network of Air America Radio ...
Robert Mac Lean - On July 29, 2003, NBC News (MSNBC) Reported TSA Plan To Remove Federal Air Marshals From Long Distan
... a disclosure exposing the TSA's cost-cutting plan that would have specifically broken federal law, the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (Public Law 107–71), Title 49 of the ... MSNBC would report that several sources would confirm that every Federal Air Marshal was sent this text message ... for all were being canceled for an indefinite amount of time," said the air marshal, who requested anonymity ” Eleven members of the 108th United States Congress would publicly ...
Federal Air Marshal Service - Securing Other Modes of Transportation
... has provided supplemental personnel, including federal air marshals, to assist mass transit systems during major events, holidays, and anniversaries of prior attacks ... There were issues with federal air marshals and early VIPR deployments ... TSA required federal air marshals to wear raid jackets or shirts identifying them as air marshals, which potentially compromised their anonymity ...

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