Feasible Successor

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Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol - Feasible Successor
... A feasible successor for a particular destination is a next hop router that satisfies this condition it is guaranteed not to be a part of some routing loop This condition is also verified by ... Thus, every successor is also a feasible successor ... However, in most references about EIGRP the term "feasible successor" is used to denote only those routers which provide a loop-free path but which are not successors (i.e ...
Diffusing Update Algorithm - Operation
... The primary (successor) and secondary (feasible successor) routes to a destination will be determined with the information in the topology table ... Among other things, each entry in the topology table contains the following "FD (Feasible Distance)" The calculated metric of a route to a destination within the autonomous system ... These routes are the successors from the topology table ...
Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol - Active and Passive State
... A Passive state is a state when the router has identified the successor(s) for the destination ... The destination changes to Active state when current successor no longer satisfies the Feasibility Condition and there are no feasible successors identified for ... Notice that if a successor stops satisfying the Feasibility Condition but there is at least one feasible successor available, the router will promote a feasible ...

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