Fayyad could refer to

  • Salam Fayyad, a PA prime minister
  • Fayyad (settlement), a settlement in the UAE
  • Fayyad Sbaihat, an Arab writer and student activist.
  • Mohammad Ishaq Al-Fayyad, a Grand Ayatollah of Iraq
  • Usama Fayyad, Yahoo!'s chief data officer and executive vice president of Research & Strategic Data Solutions.

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Salam Fayyad - Career
... Fayyad began his career teaching economics at Yarmouk University in Jordan, before joining the International Monetary Fund in 1987, where he served as representative to the Palestinian National ... Following this Fayyad served as the regional manager of the Arab Bank in the West Bank and Gaza until he accepted an offer to become Yasser Arafat's finance minister ... Upon resigning as finance minister, Fayyad ran as founder and leader of the new Third Way party in the legislative elections of 2006 alongside Hanan Ashrawi and Yasser Abd Rabbo ...
Salam Fayyad - Management of The West Bank
... Salaam Fayyad won international and domestic approval for his management of the West Bank. 54.4% of Palestinians believed that Fayyad's government is superior to the Hamas government. 57.1% of Palestinians believed that Fayyad's government advanced reforms of the Palestinian Authority, 52% believe corruption decreased and 48 ...
Salam Fayyad - Early Life and Education
... ” —Salam Fayyad, 2007 Salam Fayyad was born in Deir al-Ghusun ... Fayyad has a PhD in economics from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a student of William Barnett and did early research on the American Divisia Monetary Aggregates, which he continued on the ...
Salam Fayyad
... Salam Fayyad (Arabic سلام فياض‎, Salām Fayāḍ born 1952) is a Palestinian politician and former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority ... Fayyad has also been the finance minister from 17 March 2007 and previously held the post from June 2002 to November 2006 ... Fayyad is an internationally respected economist and politician ...