Fauna of New Caledonia - Ecoregions


There are several vegetation types, in a variety of niches, landforms and micro-climates where endemic species thrive, among including dense evergreen forests, maquis (shrubland), sclerophyllous forests (dry forests), wetlands, savannas, and halophytic vegetation. The island has two main ecoregions: the greater area is occupied by the eastern New Caledonia rainforest while the now-fragmentary New Caledonia dry forest runs along the west coast. Besides its marine environment is characterized by the surrounding Barrier Coral Reef. Grand Terre has its own version of maquis (maquis minier) occurs on metalliferous soils, mostly in the south. The soils of ultramafic rocks (mining terrains) have been a refuge for many native flora species because they are toxic and their mineral content is poorly suited to most foreign species of plants.

The islands land form two main ecoregions: the umbrófila (rainforest) in the Loyalty Islands, Isle of Pines and the eastern part of Grande Terre, and the dry tropical forests on the West side of Grande Terre. Europeans settled the latter part, avoiding the eastern part of the Kanakas. In the habitat of tropical montane laurel forest of New Caledonia with Laurisilvas, which are cloud-covered for much of the year, the moist evergreen forests have a closed canopy of moderately sized trees, up to 20 metres (66 ft) in the lowlands and 3 to 8 metres (9.8 to 26 ft) in montane forest.

In humid montane Melaleuca forests of lowland, communities of Mt. Ignambi and of the Yaté Lake with area of low shrubland, is the ideal habitat for the native species. For example Erythrinas are food plants for some native parakeet species.

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