Fatty Acid Synthesis - Branched-chain Fatty Acids

Branched-chain Fatty Acids

Branched-chain fatty acids are usually saturated and are found in two distinct families: the iso-series and anteiso-series. It has been found that Actinomycetales contain unique branch-chain fatty acid synthesis mechanisms, including that which forms tuberculosteric acid.

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Fatty Acid Synthesis - Branched-chain Fatty Acids - Tuberculostearic Acid Synthesis
... Tuberculostearic acid (D-10-Methylstearic acid) is a saturated fatty acid that is known to be produced by Mycobacterium spp ... It is formed from the precursor oleic acid (a monosaturated fatty acid) ... After oleic acid is esterified to a phospholipid, S-adenosyl-methionine donates a methyl group to the double bond of oleic acid ...

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