Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame, known as Project Zero in Europe and Zero (零, zero?) in Japan, is a survival horror video game series consisting of four installments, a spin-off and a remake of the second installment. The first and second games in the series were released for the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, the third has been released for the PlayStation 2. The fourth game, and also the remake of the second game, were both released on Wii. The series installments' plots deal with ghosts, exorcism, and "dark" Shinto rituals.

Created by Tecmo, Fatal Frame is one of the most well-received survival horror games to date. It was a unique entry in the genre, as the player explores a mansion and takes photographs of ghosts in order to defeat them. The Fatal Frame series has since gained a reputation as one of the most distinctive in the genre, with the first game in the series credited as one of the best-written survival horror games ever made, by UGO Networks. It has been revealed that Nintendo owns a large portion of the Fatal Frame series.

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