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Farm Buildings

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Bellevue Homestead - Structure
... It consists of three interconnected dwellings with an attached service wing and separate farm buildings ... All buildings, with the exception of the hay loft, are single-storeyed and sit on timber stumps ... Some rooms show different layers of the building's fabric, including pit sawn framing with mortice and tenon joints and hand finished lining boards ...
April 1996 Tornado Outbreak Sequence - Confirmed Tornadoes - April 19 Event
... Six farms in the area were affected ... Rutland area LaSalle 2240 0.5 miles (0.8 km) A large building, a home and a garage were damaged ... tornado that hit the area F2 S of Havana Mason 9 ... miles (14.4 km) Two trailers, farm buildings and trees were destroyed ...
Agricultural Buildings - Historic Farm Buildings
... Old farm buildings of the countryside contribute to the landscape, and help define the history of the location, i.e ... They also can show the agricultural methods, building materials, and skills that were used ... Building methods include earth walling and thatching ...
Estonian Vernacular Architecture - Farm Buildings
... style that differs fundamentally from similar buildings in neighbouring countries. 19th century farmhouse is a long chimney-less building with low walls of horizontal logs and a high straw thatched roof ... third and the roof two thirds of the total building height ...
List Of 1998 Nashville Tornado Outbreak Tornadoes - Confirmed Tornadoes - April 15 Event
... were destroyed and a dumpster was blown damaging the side of a building F0 NE of Coulterville (1st tornado) Washington 2332 0.2 miles (0.32 km) Brief ... ambulance was overturned F1 E of Hoyleton Washington 2 ... miles (3.2 km) A barn a few farm buildings were destroyed F2 W of Walnut Hill Jefferson, Marion 0043 5.5 miles (8.8 km) Several ... F2 SE of Hubbard Woods Marion 4 ... miles (6.4 km) Several homes were damaged while several farm buildings and two mobile homes were destroyed ...

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    The American who has been confined, in his own country, to the sight of buildings designed after foreign models, is surprised on entering York Minster or St. Peter’s at Rome, by the feeling that these structures are imitations also,—faint copies of an invisible archetype.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    On the farm I had learned how to meet realities without suffering either mentally or physically. My initiative had never been blunted. I had freedom to succeed—freedom to fail. Life on the farm produces a kind of toughness.
    Bertha Van Hoosen (1863–1952)