Farewell (Oingo Boingo Album)

Farewell (Oingo Boingo Album)

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George Starostin

Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre, Halloween 1995 is a double live album and video of Oingo Boingo's final concert performance on Halloween night in 1995. As with all their live shows, the setlist included songs from across the band's large discography, many of which were given new arrangements. Also performed were some pieces written for studio albums but cut, such as Cinderella Undercover and Water, as well as the live-only songs Burn Me Up, Piggies and Clowns of Death. Several of the CD tracks were mixed from recordings from previous nights in the same tour, meaning the performances occasionally differ between formats.

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... A video of the final concert was released on VHS alongside the double album in 1996 ... The video release featured additional performances that were not included on the double album ...

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