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Publication History

Fantomex resembles the titular character of the Italian comic book Diabolik, whose film adaptation was released as Danger: Diabolik, Diabolik's lover being named Eva. The character of Diabolik is loosely based on the character Fantômas, the subject of a series of early-20th century French detective thrillers and a popular Mexican comic book adaptation, whose name is more directly reflected in Fantomex's own name. Fantomex's name, Jean-Phillipe, is a reference to actor John Phillip Law, star of "Danger: Diabolik". In addition, his Weapon X designation -- "Weapon XIII" -- is a reference to the secret agent protagonist of the Franco-Belgian comic XIII.

After Morrison's run, the character made sporadic appearances in Weapon X #23–25, Mystique #20–21, 24, the Dark Reign: The List—Wolverine one-shot and in Uncanny X-Men #515-522 during the "Nation X" storyline before becoming a founding member of new covert X-Force as seen in the monthly Uncanny X-Force series.

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