Fantastic, Vol. 2 - Track Listing - Original Pressing

Original Pressing

All tracks are solely produced by Jay Dee (J Dilla), except for "Tell Me", which is produced by D'Angelo and co-produced by Jay Dee, and "Once Upon A Time", which is produced by Pete Rock and Jay Dee. On subsequent pressings, the album includes the Jay Dee-produced songs "Thelonius" and "Who We Are" as bonus tracks. Questlove produced the preceding interlude to "Thelonius" but as the entire track is lifted from Common's Like Water For Chocolate, he is not credited.

  1. "Intro" – 1:25
  2. "Conant Gardens" – 3:04
  3. "I Don't Know" – 2:25
  4. "Jealousy" – 4:05
  5. "Climax (Girl Shit)" – 3:31
  6. "Hold Tighhht" – 3:12
  7. "Tell Me" – 4:37
  8. "What It's All About" – 3:36
  9. "Forth and Back" – 4:26
  10. "Untitled/Fantastic" – 3:54
  11. "Fall in Love" - 3:47
  12. "Get Dis Money" – 3:31
  13. "Raise It Up" – 4:27
  14. "CB4" – 3:45
  15. "Once Upon a Time" – 5:54
  16. "Players" – 2:26
  17. "Eyes Up" – 4:22
  18. "2 U 4 U" – 3:08
  19. "Go Ladies" – 4:43
  20. "Thelonius" - 4:29 (bonus track found on later pressings)
  21. "Who Are We" - 3:44 (bonus track found on later pressings)

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