Fantastic Four in Film

Fantastic Four In Film

The fictional Marvel Comics superhero team Fantastic Four have appeared in three feature films.

Constantin Film controlled the rights for the characters in the mid-1980s, and while a low-budget film was produced in 1992 so Constantin could retain the license, the first installment of the series only entered production in 2004. The series includes Fantastic Four (2005) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), both released by 20th Century Fox.

The films are based around four main characters, known formally as Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, and how they adapt to the superpowers they attain. Each vary in their reactions: Reed feels responsible for their powers; Susan dislikes the public attention the powers have given them; Johnny accepts the powers and wants to exploit this opportunity; and Ben hates what he's become, as he's the most visibly affected and now has to deal with the changes. In addition to these four, Dr. Victor von Doom, who is also affected, shows the dark route that the misuse of the powers can take, and feels more powerful because of these "gifts."

The Fantastic Four films received mostly unfavorable reviews by critics, but earned over $600 million at the worldwide box office. The series will be rebooted by director Josh Trank in 2015 and will share continuity with the X-Men film series.

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