Fangshan may refer to the following places in mainland China or Taiwan:

  • Fangshan County (方山县), of Lüliang, Shanxi
  • Fangshan District (房山区), Beijing
  • Fangshan, Pingtung (枋山鄉), township in Pingtung County, Taiwan
  • Fangshan, Donghai County (房山镇), in Donghai County, Jiangsu
  • Fangshan, Heishan County (芳山镇), in Heishan County, Liaoning

Written as "方山镇"

  • Fangshan, Yuzhou, Henan, in Yuzhou City, Henan
  • Fangshan, Luzhou, in Jiangyang District, Luzhou, Sichuan

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Fangshan District
... Fangshan District (Simplified Chinese 房山区 Traditional Chinese 房山區 Hanyu Pinyin Fángshān Qū) is situated in the southwest of Beijing, 38 km away from the ... The district consists of 8 subdistricts of the city of Fangshan, 14 towns, and 6 townships ...
Fangshan District - Historical Monuments
... Fangshan district has a long history and many ancient sites ... location of the “Peking Man Site”, which has gained Fangshan the name of “Home of the Dragon” ... There are many ancient towers, temples, town sites and other sites in Fangshan ...
Fangshan Line, Beijing Subway
... The Fangshan Line of the Beijing Subway (Chinese 北京地铁房山线 pinyin běijīng dìtiě fángshān xiàn) is a subway line in western Beijing ... The line runs north and east from Suzhuang Dajie in Fangshan District to Guogongzhuang in Fengtai District, where it connects with the southern terminus of Line 9 ... The Fangshan Line is 24.7 km long with 11 stations (9 surface 2 underground) ...
Fangshan Line, Beijing Subway - History
... April 1, 11 ... Fangshan Line station names initially unveiled ... December 30, 2010 Fangshan Line started operating from Suzhuang to Dabaotai ... December 31, 2011 Fangshan Line is extended from Dabaotai to the Guogongzhuang interchange with Line 9 ...