Family Tree of Ancient Chinese Emperors - Xia Dynasty

Xia Dynasty

This is a family tree for the Xia Dynasty which ruled circa 2100–1600 BC. The historicity of the dynasty has sometimes been questioned, but circumstantial archaeological evidence supports its existence.

(1) Yu the Great 大禹
(2) Qi 啟
(3) Tai Kang 太康 (4) Zhong Kang 仲康
(5) Xiang 相
(6) Shaokang 少康
(7) Zhu 杼
(8) Huai 槐
(9) Mang 芒
(10) Xie 泄
(11) Bu Jiang 不降 (12) Jiong 扃
(14) Kong Jia 孔甲 (13) Jin 廑
(15) Gao 皋
(16) Fa 發
(17) Jie 桀

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