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Notable Flogs

  • 4Railroads & Mcdmillionwinner, blogs promoting McDonald's Monopoly. Allegedly created by "Stanley Smith" and Marcia Schroeder (a real winner in 2004, but who had nothing to do with writing the blog). Both were pulled shortly after being exposed.
  • Walmarting Across America, written by two Walmart "enthusiasts" who decided to journey across America in an RV and blog about the experience as they visited Walmarts along the way. While the two people actually did travel across America for the purpose of this blog, it was revealed to be paid for by Walmart.
  • All I want for Xmas is a PSP, purported to be written by a group of kids who wanted to get a friend's parents to buy him a PlayStation Portable. Exposed due to the domain registration, as well as a post admitting the blog was fake shortly before the site and all of its contents were pulled down.
  • Forwalmart.com, Working Families for Wal-Mart for Wal-Mart by Edelman
  • Paid Critics for Wal-Mart by Edelman
  • Dr. John H. Watson for Sherlock BBC TV series.

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