FAIR School

FAIR School

FAIR School Crystal (Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource) is a magnet school located in Crystal, Minnesota that specializes in the Fine Arts and educates students in the 4th through 8th grades. FAIR is part of the West Metro Education Program (WMEP) School District, with its partner school FAIR School Downtown, located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is K-12. Of the school's 550 students, 218 come from Minneapolis Public Schools, 74 come from Robbinsdale Area Schools, 49 come from Wayzata Public Schools, and the remainder come from other WMEP districts and a few other school districts.

The school was recently recognized by the United States Department of Education as one of six schools nationwide that should serve as models for magnet schools. These six schools were chosen for strong student achievement, continued success, and the ability to bring white and minority students together.

The current building, at 3915 Adair Ave. N., was built on the site of a previous school, Jeannette A. Fair Elementary School. The elementary school was part of the Robbinsdale Area Schools and was built in 1952. It was originally named Adair Elementary.

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