Faidherbe may refer to:

  • Henri Brosselard-Faidherbe (1855 -1893), a French military officer and explorer, the stepson of General Louis Faidherbe
  • Louis Faidherbe (1818-1889), a French general and Governor of Senegal
  • ST Faidherbe, a Senegalese tugboat

Other articles related to "faidherbe":

Louis Faidherbe - Franco-Prussian War
... Army in the summer of 1870, colonial officers such as Faidherbe were recalled to France and increasingly promoted to higher ranks to command new ... Faidherbe was promoted to general of division in November 1870, and on 3 December he was appointed commander-in-chief of the Army of the North by the Government of National Defence ... Faidherbe quickly proved himself to be the most able of the generals fighting Prussian forces in the French provinces, and won several small victories ...
Faidherbe – Chaligny (Paris Métro)
... Faidherbe - Chaligny is a station of the Paris Métro, named after the streets of Rue Faidherbe and Rue Chaligny ...
Battle Of Bapaume (1871)
... time the French Army of the North under Faidherbe moved out to break the German siege of Prone ... Although Faidherbe's green troops held their own against the outnumbered but experienced Prussians, they didn't follow up their advantage and retreated ... would be reinforced and two weeks later they would meet Faidherbe in battle again at Saint Quentin ...
Faidherbe Bridge - The First Bridge
... In 1858, Louis Faidherbe, the governor of Senegal, inaugurated the Bouteville boat that was capable of transporting 150 passengers, animals and all kinds of goods ... The bridge was named Faidherbe Bridge by a decree of Napoleon III of France ...