Faerie Knight

The Faerie Knight was, in the Matter of Britain, a bastard son of Tom a'Lincoln and Caelia, the Faerie Queen. His proper name is never given. He appears in Richard Johnson's romance Tom a' Lincoln.

Tom himself was a bastard of King Arthur with Angelica, daughter of the Earl of London. Therefore, the Faerie Knight was, like Melehan, Melou and the Black Knight, Arthur's grandson.

Being half-faerie, the Faerie Knight inherited some of his mother's magical talents. He met his half-brother, the Black Knight (another bastard of Tom's), and they traveled together on many adventures.

Famous quotes containing the word knight:

    Nae living man I’ll love again,
    Since that my lovely knight is slain.
    Wi ae lock of his yellow hair
    I’ll chain my heart for evermair.
    —Unknown. The Lament of the Border Widow (l. 25–28)