Ezekiel Zick - Animated Series - Season 2

Season 2

During the first day of class in the Ancient Armory, he met with the other tamers and Bobby Clash. At first, he was a bit jealous of him when Lay gave attention to him. At night when the Anguanes broke into his house, he and Elena found a baby bombo that she named "Bombolo". When Bombolo disabled the defense in the armory, he thought that Bobby was one the one did it, and they fought each other until Bombo said that the Anguanes had broken into the armory. He encountered the Moog Magister and managed to overpower him. They retreated as the other tamers arrived. After the battle, he and Bobby became friends. When Teddy released Grood to test himself and escaped. He and Elena let Bombo help them to track him down. With the help of Bobby and Synakutz Bu, they managed to recapture Grood, along with Scabby and his accomplices, when they mistake him as being Grood.

When Patty and Matty were kidnapped in Drink Water Park, he and Elena, along with Bombo and Bombolo, went to rescue them. They found Mugmug being forced by two Mugalaks: Ragador and Sulfurious. He managed to capture them, and spared Mugmug since he was the attraction to the park. When Patty and Mattie were planning to tell their secrets, he used the hypno-disk to alter their memories. Elena tried to convince him to let her, but instead he made them fans to her. When hunting the Chameleon, this caused his parents to prohibit him from being a tamer until his grades were back up. He secretly took and hid his Universal Dom Box with Elena, but when Charlie and Voilet took it as a toy, it ended up in Harvey's Supermarket. Then they got to the supermarket and recaptured the Chameleon and stopped Delia for thefts which had caused Elena's father to get fired.

When Elena was depressed because Bombolo was sent away to Kamaludum-Si, he decided to bring Elena and Bombo to visit him. After they arrived at the city of baby bombos, they learned that the babies were being imprisoned by Carmela and his assistant Gurgle. They managed to free the babies and captured Gurgle and took back what he said about when bombos are smart monsters after knowing about his Bombo. After the house suffered a small earthquake, they checked the cellar and found a hidden sub-cellar. When the Barrymore House was threatened to be demolished, he investigated the slime that the Sluggos were planning to destroy the house to free other captured monsters. He and Zob managed to stop the Sluggos by combining their Dom energy that solidified the slime to help save the house from demolition. When he was turned into a Bommerbang, he could not communicate, because his mouth breathed fire, and everyone he knew was hostile to him. When he turned to Elena, at first she did not believe that the monster has him, but when he answered what was the first gift that she gave to him, then she realized that it was him.

He and Elena went to Anguanes Fair to create an antidote for him, but they were pursued by Bobby and Teddy. When he was turned back to normal, he captured the Bommerbang there and escaped, before the Anguanes Fair was burned down due to delaying Bobby and Teddy while fighting them. After returning to the armory with the captured monster and the rest learn what happen to him, he thanks everything to Elena but she was tried and slept that he brought her home. When he and Elena were relaxing at the beach, they saw the pirate ship of Unicorn and run by an new captain named Baht Belasco. When he returned to the armory, they took him and suggested that Bristlebeard should help them. They all declined since he was a dark phantom. He, and Elena and Bombo went back to the quicksilver river to summon and help them stop the Unicorn. They succeeded in stopping the Unicorn and went to the afterlife, and he helped get Elena's cellphone back when it was stolen earlier.

When he was in charge looking after the house due to the snowy weather, he hosted a snowball fight in his house. When his body was turned into ice, Elena found and gave the Crystallizator to him to prevent him from melting. When Mr. Uzka came to help him, he was suddenly shrunk down by a shrinking ray, and he met Hector Sinistro who pretended to be Uzka and wanted revenge on his father by tampering his teleskates that turn his body into ice and trapping him inside a snow globe. He managed to outsmart some monsters and Sinistro, and escaped by taking his teleskates and the shrinking ray. He returned to the house, he told Elena what happened to him, and the real Mr. Uzka came to help restore his body back to normal.

He and Elena are patching up Theo's hot air balloon, and meet up with the two Lali Bergingigonz and Paruto Porro. While dealing with Bombo, who was eating the balloon basket, Lali and Paruto managed to escape and fled to foggy inland since Lali's Radio-worn is still active. He and Elena along with Bombo went after them, they found a secret oasis that was full of escaped monsters, and they met their leader, Riz Brandak. He and Elena captured the Purpidoch along with all the escapees that ended up in the Dom boxes. When getting a pimple after eating Brim-Bombak dessert along with Bobby and Teddy, they fought over a pimple potion that will get rid of their pimples before Lay's birthday, but Zay looked it up. Elena came to him about Bombolo's condition that caused the production of pimple clones.

When they planned to go to the central milk factory along with a truck full of cookies, he went back to the armory to get the pimple potion and meet up with Bobby and Teddy to help him. They managed to use the potion to stop the pimple clones, and when Lay's birthday came, they ate the cake and learned that Brim-Bombak had baked it, they all shouted. When Elena brought a Bobak that told them about monsters being kidnapped in Bibbur-Si, he and Elena agreed to help him to investigate it, and he blushed when he learned that he was famous in Bibbur-Si. They learned that Hector Sinistro was behind the kidnapping of the monsters, and making them perform in his circus. They managed to save all of the kidnapped monsters and stop Sinistro's plans, but he escaped.

The Tamers had a tournament until Teddy was caught cheating with the Densifier. When suddenly all the exits where sealed off, he and Elena went to the control room and found that some attacked Jeremy. When tamers decided to get the young tamers out, they went to find the secret exit. Lay mentioned about a traitor is one them, and Bobby accused Teddy for it, he stopped them from bickering with each other and told them to focus on getting out. As they were about to exit the armory, they were attacked by Viziosed and the rest when fell in the abyss except Zick. When everyone was mind-controlled, he learned that Magnacat was behind all of it, and Magnacat tried to capture Zick by using every one to capture him, he managed to take the teleskates and escape. He went to Bibbur-Si to get help from Trengingigan and told him what happened. They went back to the armory and met up with Bobby, Elena, Lay, and Teddy after they fell to the abyss.

When Magnacat created a dome and forced the tamers to fight for his amusement, he straightly fought against Magnacat, but his mind was manipulated and fought against his father thinking he was the Gorka. They were both released from Magnacat's mind-control when Elena used the armory cup to his head. He used the Densifier to make Magnacat's attack pass through him, and gave it to Elena to weaken him by changing it to making him heavier. After Magnacat was weakened, he activated a special Dom Box that he cannot ever escape again. Everyone was saved and the armory was in their control again. He was declared the winner of the tamers tournament.

He and Elena were assigned by Jeremy to stop the darkness guardian's plans to ruin the celebrating of Big-Burg by using the fireworks to attack at Bibbur-Si. He captured one of them, and he fought the other that now has a power over electricity during their encounter. He and Elena managed to stop Gimbo by using the firework to remove his powers and captured him. When Bombo decided to go back to Bibbur-Si, due to causing trouble to the tamers in the armory, he decided to find him, but after two weeks of not hearing from him, Elena decided to help him find Bombo. They found out that he was wrestling in the Skeleton Arena as the Almighty King. They learned that Hector Sinistro was controlling Bombo and acting as his manager. They stopped Sinistro, and freed Bombo from his control.

When visiting the museum, an archaeologist named Charles Carpentry proclaimed that he had found Pandora's Box and planned to open it. They learned that it was a Dombox containing a Rooge. He suggested to steal it, but his father did not want to do it. He, Elena and Bombo created a replica vase and planned to replace it with the original. After they replaced it, they met a tamer named Kostos Daniel La Bun, who told them that Carpentry actually stole the vase. At the pier, the Rooge was unleashed by accident by Bombo and shocked the vital energy of Carpentry and his men. When Elena's vital was shocked out by the Rooge, that provoked him to fight it alone and defeat and capture it.

When Emily created a fear formula and sent it as a present to the Barrymore, he, Elena, Timothy and the monsters were affected by it and he became too scared to use his Dom powers. However, Bombo was unaffected due to having a cold in his nose, so he accompanied him and Elena to find an antidote and stop Emily's plan. After seeing Bombo's clumsiness, he and Elena laughed at it, and their fear was gone. They sent it away and ended up dumping the formula to the Anguanes. When Elena called him to investigate that the shadows are misplaced to each person, they learned that Hector Sinistro was making shadow army. When they were captured, Hector took his shadow to remove his memories and use it to find his treasure. Around the time, he was always tired and confused about what to do. He got his memories back with the help of Elena, along with his grandparents and Bombo. They destroyed the cane to free the shadows, including himself. When they chased after Hector Sinistro, he managed to escape when they entered the warehouse.

When Bombo was exiled from Bibbur-Si until he loses some weight, he and Elena went camping at Drink Water Park to help him. While camping, they met some peaceful shaman in the forest, also managing to save Bombo from dark phantoms that he defeated some after. When they learned that Miss Swift was missing along with passengers in the subway, he along with Elena and Bombo investigated that a Megarock had eaten it and they managed to save them. They learned that Hector Sinistro was planning to use the monster to attack the armory underneath to threaten its babies. They saved the Megarock babies, and he defeated Sinistro again.

When he and Elena practiced a play for their school as the Phantom of the Opera, he learned that Chumba Bagingi escaped with the help of his lover, Chumbamba, and they decided to be in the play to be seen by humans. While trying to capture them before and during the play, he fought a gingi that was the phantom trying to get revenge on Chumba for taking Chumbamba away from him. Zick managed to capture him in public while the people thought it was special effects. Chumba and Chumbamba were sent to the Detention Oasis in Port Reef.

Upon hearing a vampire roaming in the neighborhood, he and Elena decided to investigate it. They learned that their principal has a brother named "Bowleg" and a real vampire that was looking for an Anguan to cure him to become human again. They helped him to go to Emily's house to make a cure for him, and after some struggle, they managed to return him to normal. When he suffered a bad day, he decided to go home alone on a bus and then fell asleep. When he woke up, he was shocked to learn that he was in the future. He sees Teddy and Elena as older and married, and Magnacat along with his Gorkas have conquered Big-Burg.

When he met the avenger that was Bombo and fought the Gorkas, he realized that he was not the Bombo that he knew, and learned that it was a fake illusion created by Moog Magister and the Anguanes. He managed to overpower them, but escaped when Moog had escaped. When returning home, he was happy to see everyone including Elena. He, Teddy and Bobby argued with each other as to which one of them is the best tamer and can capture a Polypolipo. Jeremy gave them a test of courage to see which one of them could capture it first, and by going to the swamp. They later learned that Jeremy was planning to teach them a lesson along with Elena, Lay and Bombo. However, when they encountered some real dark phantoms, he used a device to summon the Polypolipo to attack and destroy the dark phantoms. He captured the Polypolipo shortly after.

He, along with the others, celebrated the end of the school year of the Ancient Armory. However, it was short-lived when they learned how the Hundred and First Door was open. When he was separated from Elena, Bombo told him that Moog Magister was there and chasing after Bombolo. He later encountered Hector Sinistro with the Scepter Dom and controlling all the monsters to attack the tamers. When Hector was using the Scepter Dom too much, that he disappeared, he decided to get the key to seal the Hundred and First Door and go after Moog again. Then, Moog grabbed the key that resulted in destroying itself, and the lava was sucked back to the Hundred and First Door. He managed to save Bomoblo, and saw Moog perish when he fell into the lava. He was seen as a hero by everyone and learned that Moog was after Bombolo because of the magical bag containing all the Domboxes of the crypt. Bombo suggested that they be stored to Zick's cellar since he was the hero, and Elena told him that Hector was turned into a small monster after using the Scepter Dom too much, and ended up being Bombolo's pet.

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