Ezekiel Zick - Animated Series - Season 1

Season 1

In the animated series, Zick does not make any friends because he can see monsters, until Elena becomes "interested" in him. He helps Elena find her cat, Purrcy, but then he meets a ghost dog that tells him that someone is kidnapping a dog in Oldmill Village. While saving the puppies, he was able to call the River Monster that carried them to safety, and wondered what is a "Dom box". When Elena wants to see monsters, he always denies it to her that there are any monsters. When he encountered the monster Pod that was eating under Oldmill, he learned that Timothy had released it to test him. While fighting the monster pod, he accidentally went to Bigburg and saw Bibbur-Si was also able to tame and capture the monster pod in a can. He asked Timothy why is he a monster-tamer, but it was never answered. When the cats Purrcy and Timothy were kidnapped, Zick and Elena went to the inverted pyramid to rescue them. As he fought against the Androgorkas, he was unaware what he could do with his powers and met a ghost cat telling him about Magnacat. While saving Timothy, Purrcy and Lardine, he encounter Omnised and was able to defeat and capture him.

When his school held a teacher-parent conference, Zick saw Mrs. Smirnov, as an Androgorka, and learned that Magnacat was spying on him. He and Elena were then lured to Oldmill Park to be tested by Magnacat, and Omniquod shape-shifted into a water worm. He and Elena defeated him, and changed the Androgorkas into humans again. Timothy started to tell him about the world of monsters, and learned that Magnacat is making more Androgorkas. He gains a gift from Elena: a special pair of sunglasses and Timothy gave him the Universal Dombox. He and Timothy went to Bibbur-Si to get the help of Trengingigan, and went to the water reservoir. They learned that the real Trengingigan went to the Barrymores to warn them, and the one they met is Omniquod. He managed to capture him, and evaporated the serum by using the sunglasses to intensify his powers.

When Magnacat offers an alliance with him, he tells him about his father. Along with Timothy and Lardine, they went to Dark Bay, where they declined his offer and fought him and his Androgorkas. When fighting Magnacat, he summoned a dark phantom named Bristlebeard and was able to beat Magnacat. Then the ghost turned attention to him, but he was able to defeat it. He later learns his mother Greta can also see ghosts and monsters.

When he learned that his mother's flower shop is threatened to be closed down and told about it to Elena, she gave him an idea to save the flower shop. However, he does not want Elena to come with him, because it is too dangerous. Elena finally convinces him, and they go to the Quicksilver river to find Bristlebeard to get his treasure. Zick managed to defeat him by letting himself to be eaten by the dark phantom, and captured him in his Universal Dombox to dissolve his body. They found some seeds of a rare flower, and used them to save to the shop.

When Lardine detainees went to Elena's house, he learned that an Exhibitionist monster named "Chumba Bagingi" had escaped, and Greta told him that she was protecting him from all the weirdness of the monster world. During a field trip to the Aquarium, he encountered a dark phantom and defeated it. He learned how to use the Enviro Dom, and captured Chumba as his fourth monster. He meets another Tamer named Teddy Thaur, and goes to hunt monsters with him. He asked Timothy about the monster storage cellar, but found out on his own, and found the Monster Tamer's Manual.

When hunting for a Fouler, they encounter dark phantoms that are living ghosts. He and Teddy managed to defeat one, and Teddy stole the Fouler. After the hunt, Timothy tells him about the Tamers. He was also aware of the events of the monster hunt, and gave him the Dom Gloves in hopes that it would keep him safe. On Halloween, Omnised and Omniquod escaped by hypnotizing Elena to release them. To recapture them, he went to Bibbur-Si to get help with Trengingigan. Unknown to them, Jeremy-Joth was watching every move that he made, and removed Timothy from his position for many rule violations. When Bombo accidentally mixed up Lonzo's face, Zick and Elena went to find the Ancient Armory to find a cure. They were followed by Greta. They met his father, Zob, and learned he was a Tamer too, and shrank after fighting against Magnacat. When going back, they fought against a water worm, and again he captured it.

When he decides to find a cure for his father, he and Elena go to find Anguanas and meet up with Teddy again. He learns Aunt Emily is the Anguana of Er, and wants him to catch a monster to get information. While Elena and Teddy managed to escape, he wants the information, but he does not want to do his aunt's dirty work. They went back to exchange Chumba Bagingi and release to cause damage to the Anguanas Fair. He recaptured Chumba because he knew now that the breath of the Mugalak would bring back his father, located at Drink Water Park.

At Drink Water Park, Zick, Elena and Teddy found the cave that would lead them to the dragon. They encountered a Big Bonz Eater and a Mugalak. He managed to capture the Big Bonz with his Universal Dom Box and captured the breath of the Mugalak, but suddenly Teddy betrays them and steals the breath. After a short fight, Teddy is trapped, and he decides to help even though he betrayed them. After bringing his father, Zob, back to normal, they learned that Teddy also wants the breath to bring back his father, Terrence Thaur. They go to the Thaur family house, and they use the breath to bring back Terrence Thaur.

When Lardine called them to go to Port Reef to transport Chumba, they were getting reacquainted with the Thaur Family. They later learned that it was a trap by Magnacat, and they were by the real Lardine and Elena. When the Gorkas summoned a Squark to attack the lighthouse, he, Elena and Teddy were eaten but able to escape inside the Squark, and they captured it. While doing a class project, he and Elena fought against a were-rabbit. Puffy and Elena's love brought him back to normal, and he knew it was Magnacat behind it. When he learned about David and Annie's relationship, he told Elena that their lives are not that complicated, and after agreeing, they both look away to each other.

When aunt Emily visited them to buy the captured monsters, he immediately declined. He learned that the tamers were punished too, when a century ago, the tamers had abused their powers. He, along with the monsters, fought off the Anguanas that were in Elena's house and defeated them. He and Elena have been friends now with Annie. After the digesting plant visited the Barrymore House that was suffering from a poison, they learned that Magnacat was poisoning the water by leaking from his capsule. When Zob and Terrence had been missing for a day, he, Elena and Teddy went to Magnacat's secret lair to find them. He managed to capture a Pipluor, and stopped the leaking poison. He earned the Green power gem and the teleskates. After Jeremy confiscated the teleskates, he decided to steal it to go to Bibbur-Si to see Timothy. After coming back, Jeremy later learned about it and the general inspection on the Barrymore House. He was saddened about causing problems for Jeremy.

When the new detainees arrive and cause chaos, he learns that Green gem has the power to disintegrate dark phantoms, and fought against the Big Bonz Eater. After the inspection had damaged the house, Timothy visited to help make the repairs. When their teacher stated that something which sounds incredible does not mean it is impossible, he told Elena that they had experienced it first-hand. Later, they decided to investigate after hearing about Magnacat's plan in the skyscraper and learned about the Sphinx. He managed to capture it with the help of Jeremy Dom energy. When he tries to think of living a normal life, Elena told him that normal is not fun. When Bombo swallowed the teleskates, they teleported him to a house full of dark phantoms. He fought against them and saved Bombo with the help of his grandparents. When trying to sell his father's formula, he asks help for Teddy to fight Magnacat. They managed to save Elena and defeat the Skeleton army who were also destroying the machine that created it.

When Omnised tried to get the Tamers' Manual, he and Elena found a secret map from the Ancient Armory. He went to Bibbur-Si to find Timothy, and learned that they were more Tamers and some of the secrets. They went to the Armory, and encountered the Flyvans. He and Timothy found out that the ancient guardian is a giant Pipluor, and he used the Dom Staff and Universal Dom Box to defeat it. He was upset that the Universal Dom Box told him he has a low danger level. When Jeremy told them about the alliance of Magnacat and the dark phantoms, he went to Bibbur-Si to warn them but ended up in Magnacat's secret lair. After struggling to get out, the Devourer absorbed his Dom energy. He was later rescued by Elena, and went to Bibbur-Si, but he was annoyed that he could not see monsters any longer.

After he lost his power from the Devourer, he tried to be useful without his powers. He met a girl tamer named Lay Mamery, he quickly likes her, and is aware of Elena's jealously with Lay. He and Elena were tricked by Magnacat by getting him to the Armory. When his father was in danger, he gained his powers back and defeated Magnacat in his Gorka-droid but was able to escape. When the mother Flyvan visited the Barrymore House, he and Elena went with her and found a blimp with Gorkas and dark phantoms that are preparing another invasion to the suspended city. He, along with other young tamers stayed in his house, while the adults repelled the invasion. During the second wave, he and Elena along with the monsters of the Barrymore House stopped the invasion. They were joined by the other young tamers with some Flyvans. He used his Universal Dom Box to capture Omnised again. Then he used the Dom Staff to destroy the vulture and the remaining dark phantoms.

He and Teddy decided to explore the Armory and found the Horn of Kong. Unknown to them, Viziosed stole the horn and gave it to Magnacat to summon a Monster-Saur. They made a temporary alliance to stop the Monster-Saur, but they were quickly betrayed by Magnacat after Teddy told about the pendant inside the horn that he gave to Lay. He, Magnacat and Viziosed were eaten by the Monster-Saur, and Elena came along with them. After a few short battles inside the monster, he and Elena escaped out of the Monster-Saur, and he captured it along with Magnacat and Viziosed. He and the other tamers and monster celebrated while declaring that the exile had ended.

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