Extreme Points of Azerbaijan - Latitude and Longitude - Azerbaijan


This section includes only the central contiguous section of Azerbaijan.

  • North : Khachmaz (41°54′N 46°25′E / 41.9°N 46.417°E / 41.9; 46.417 (Khachmaz (North)))
  • South : near Tangov, Astara (38°24′N 48°39′E / 38.4°N 48.65°E / 38.4; 48.65 (near Tangov (South)))
  • West :
    • near Inkinci Sixli, Qazakh (41°18′N 45°0′E / 41.3°N 45°E / 41.3; 45 (near Inkinci Sixli (West)))
    • The nearby enclave of Yuxari Askipara, is marginally further west (41°04′N 45°01′E / 41.067°N 45.017°E / 41.067; 45.017 (enclave of Yuxari Askipara (West)))
  • East : Jiloy, Baku (40°18′N 50°33′E / 40.3°N 50.55°E / 40.3; 50.55 (Jiloy (East)))

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