Extrema may refer to:

  • maxima and minima
  • Extremities
  • Extremophiles
  • Extrema, Minas Gerais, town in Brazil
  • Extrema, Rondônia, town in Brazil
  • Extrema (band), Italian metal band

Other articles related to "extrema":

Scale-space Axioms - Scale Space Axioms For The Linear Scale-space Representation
... smoothing property existence of an infinitesimal generator non-creation of local extrema (zero-crossings) in one dimension, non-enhancement of local extrema in any number of dimensions at spatial maxima and at ... by a number of families integral transforms, while "non-creation of local extrema" is the crucial axiom which related scale-spaces to smoothing (formally, parabolic partial differential equations ...
Parks-Mc Clellan Filter Design Algorithm - Additional Notes
... states that the polynomial of degree L that minimizes the maximum error will have at least L+2 extrema ... The extrema must occur at the pass and stop band edges and at either ω=0 or ω=π or both ... So the maximum number of local extrema is the L-1 local extrema plus the 4 band edges, giving a total of L+3 extrema ...
Lagrange Multiplier - Introduction - Not Necessarily Extrema
... The constrained extrema of are critical points of the Lagrangian, but they are not local extrema of (see Example 2 below) ... The fact that solutions of the Lagrangian are not necessarily extrema also poses difficulties for numerical optimization ...