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67th Special Operations Squadron
... The 67th Special Operation Squadron is an active unit within the 352d Special Operations Group (352 SOG), United States Air Force, United States European ...
Extra Special Group
... In group theory, a branch of mathematics, extra special groups are analogues of the Heisenberg group over finite fields whose size is a prime ... For each prime p and positive integer n there are exactly two (up to isomorphism) extra special groups of order p1+2n ... Extra special groups often occur in centralizers of involutions ...
4th Special Operations Squadron
... The 4th Special Operations Squadron (4 SOS) is part of the 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Florida ...
Extra Special Group - Classification
... Every extra special p-group has order p1+2n for some positive integer n, and conversely for each such number there are exactly two extra special groups up to isomorphism ... A central product of two extra special p-groups is extra special, and every extra special group can be written as a central product of extra special ... This reduces the classification of extra special groups to that of extra special groups of order p3 ...
Extra Special Group - Classification - All p
... A uniform presentation of the extra special groups of order p1+2n can be given as follows ... Define the two groups M(p) and N(p) are non-isomorphic extra special groups of order p3 with center of order p generated by c ... The two non-isomorphic extra special groups of order p1+2n are the central products of either n copies of M(p) or n−1 copies of M(p) and 1 copy of N(p) ...

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