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Storable Votes - Experimental Results
... The recurring and surprising result is that while experimental subjects have clear difficulties with the subtle strategic calculations that the theory takes into account, the total payoffs that the experimental ... The result is that voting outcomes and thus payoffs mimic closely the predictions of the theory ... Granting one of the players some limited agenda power does not change the results ...
History Of Scientific Method - Emergence of Inductive Experimental Method - Galileo Galilei
... his treatise in the form of mathematical demonstrations without reference to experimental results ... of mathematics in obtaining scientific results was far from obvious ... it is because Galileo was realistic about the acceptability of presenting experimental results as evidence or because he himself had doubts about the epistemological status of experimental findings is not known ...

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    If family communication is good, parents can pick up the signs of stress in children and talk about it before it results in some crisis. If family communication is bad, not only will parents be insensitive to potential crises, but the poor communication will contribute to problems in the family.
    Donald C. Medeiros (20th century)

    The very hope of experimental philosophy, its expectation of constructing the sciences into a true philosophy of nature, is based on induction, or, if you please, the a priori presumption, that physical causation is universal; that the constitution of nature is written in its actual manifestations, and needs only to be deciphered by experimental and inductive research; that it is not a latent invisible writing, to be brought out by the magic of mental anticipation or metaphysical mediation.
    Chauncey Wright (1830–1875)